Why Infinite Banking

The Infinite Banking Concept, as conceptualized by R. Nelson Nash, forces you to ask these straight forward questions:

• Have you ever considered how much of your money is being spent on interest and taxes?
• What is more important, the interest rate, or the volume of interest you are paying?
• What if you could recapture the interest that is being paid to others?
• Would your life be different?
• Would you have to work as hard?
• Would you have less stress?
• Would you have more time?
• Would you enjoy life more?
• Could you retire earlier?
• Would both your future and that of your family look brighter?
At JTS Financial, INC. we teach you to recover the money that you are paying to banks and finance companies by utilizing dividend paying whole life insurance. By focusing on creating “your own bank”, we share the tax savings strategies that help you take more control over your finances, by becoming “your own banker”. Whether you are simply looking to increase income protection for your family, finance college education, save for retirement, or self fund your business expansion, the Infinite Banking Concept can create the blue print for allowing these goals to become reality, through careful planning and execution.

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