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      Cara Pressman, 15, wept as her parents told her their insurance company denied her for a minimally invasive brain surgery that could end the seizures that have haunted her since she was 9. In the six weeks since the rejection, Cara has had dozens more seizures. Pressed by CNN, Aetna still refuses to approve the surgery -- over the objections of her own docto […]
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      A shift could be coming to your health care if you're an Aetna customer.
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      Gillen Washington, a student at Northern Arizona University, had been getting medication for an immunodeficiency disease since 2011.
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      You're down with acai, take echinacea on the reg, and consider coconut oil a mainstay in your home. But a new class of high-powered superfoods is pushing the envelope even further, making even the healthiest among us stop and do a double take. For starters, there's Gwyneth's pricy morning smoothie ritual (whose ingredient shopping list totals […]
    • Aetna envelopes reveal customers' HIV status August 26, 2017
      The health care company Aetna mailed envelopes that revealed the HIV status of some of its customers in multiple states, according to the Legal Action Center and the AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania.

College Planning

Plan for College

When to Start?

As soon as students enter high school it is time to start planning for college. In fact, studies show that most students decide if they are ‘college material’ while still in middle school. Early awareness is the key. Planning ahead with high school course selection can be critical. Many colleges require specific courses like foreign language or algebra in order to be admitted. Summer programs on college campuses may offer high school students a taste of university life and new academic skills. In Washington, the Running Start program allows students to take college courses while completing high school.


Planning is essential if goals are to be successfully reached. Unfortunately, most people neglect to plan carefully for the one decision that will most effect their career opportunities and lifetime income potential. Planning for college today can be intimidating. Rapid changes in programs, costs and government rules that effect college requirements and resources are complicating the planning process. Provided with the college planning basics, prospective college students and their families can plan for a successful higher education. This planning process is essentially the same for traditional high school and college age students, adults returning to college during their working years and even retirees seeking to start a second career.


Experts often counsel students to study what they love most. Most employers recommend that students get a good basic education, worrying less about specialization and more about fundamental communication and learning skills. On-the-job training covers the more technical aspects of most work environments. For many students, the secret of a successful college experience is to focus on academic strengths and avoid any college major that requires substantial study of subjects that are disliked. The basics cannot be avoided and all colleges require a core of study that includes essential knowledge for program completion. The more a student enjoys what they study, the better they do.


A college degree does not always directly lead to the desired job or career. Planning for career or lifestyle options can help prepare students to take advantage of academic, mentoring and internship opportunities while in college. These opportunities often lead to jobs directly from college. Do some research on prospective employers. Contact the human resource or personnel office at local companies that recruit and hire college graduates in select fields. Ask them about programs and colleges that best prepare students for their company. Ask about starting salaries and benefits. Will this allow you to have a comfortable lifestyle? By identifying prospective career options and employers, students are giving their college efforts a sense of direction.

With proper College Planning, you learn how to maximize your ability to utilize grants and student loans to assist with paying for school. Talk with a College Planner on which assets are used to calculate eligibility and which assets are actually shielded from the application process. Knowing the ins and outs of College Planning, can save your family literally THOUSANDS of Dollars!!

Compliments of the College Planning Network


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  1. We totally agree with your assessment that preparation for college should start early. The process IS intimidating.

    Here at Your College Connection, we seek to simplify the college search process. Let our trained professionals help you narrow down the field, and guide you through the process until you choose the college that fits your unique personality, goals, and characteristics!

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